Phone Systems Hollywood

Phone Systems Hollywood

Discover The Difference

Discover how a phone system can automate your business by automatically routing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week, reduce time spent with unwanted and annoying phone calls, eliminate the need for a costly fax line, make you and your associates more available to your customers.

EZ Phone Systems Specializing in the installation, programming, and maintenance of NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems in the entire area of Hollywood CA plus the surrounding cities.

Ask us how we can reduce you Phone Bill. We are offering 6 lines in for $120 a month.

NEC Phone Systems Hollywood

NEC Phone Systems Hollywood

Two of the latest model phone systems manufactured by NEC are the NEC SL2100 and the NEC SV9100.

They are both pay for what you need phone systems. This means you only pay for the features you need and the size phone system you need. Learn More

Business Cordless Phones

Business Cordless Phones

For the associate always on the go, we have proprietary cordless phones with most of the same features available to the desk model phones.

Panasonic Phone Systems Hollywood

Panasonic Phone Systems Hollywood

The full featured Panasonic Telephone System designed for small to extra large business and hotel motel with the needs as small as three phones to extra large business with the need of one thousand phones or more. Learn More

Also have a look at Panasonic Phone Systems Los Angeles for Panasonic Phones and Systems

Free Remote Phone System Programming

New NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems include free remote phone system programming via our subscription with show my PC.

Our ability to make phone system programming changes remotely and our maintenance free programming greatly reduces the maintenance cost of owning a phone system.

We Suggest You Start by Reading About System Features First

The Panasonic and the Samsung Telephone System provide many useful features like: Auto Attendant Call Forwarding on and off-site, Call Hold, Caller ID, Call Logging, Cordless Phones, Door Phones, Intercom, Music or Message on Hold, Paging or Public Address, Voice Mail Voice Mail to Email, and a lot more.

Please make sure to let your sales rep know what features you are interested in because licensing and hardware may be required.

VoIP - Voice Over IP

Both the Panasonic and NEC Phone Systems fully support most all of the different VoIP applications like cost savings Trunking for instance, We have available VOIP service providers that are certified with the manufacturers that will provide your business with the best quality phone service at a reduced rate.

Both systems also support what is know as IP phone connected to the system either using your local area network or over the internet at offsite locations like a home office or a second location.

The Panasonic and NEC also support the connection of multiple systems together providing users the ability to call or transfer callers to other extensions at other locations over the internet.  Note VoIP Extensions connected to a system are cost effective if a phone needs to be connected to the system off-site at a home office or a second business location.

Mobile Phone Integration

Add a Mobile or Cell Phone as an extension on your phone system. Provides the capability to be reached at any time, 24/7. A must for emergency service business.

What to Expect When You Purchase a new
Phone System from EZ Phone Systems

You can expect courteous and professional sales personal trained to extract the right information to provide you the right phone system application to what your needs are, professional installation services, self installation support, remote programming services to make sure your new system is performing to meet your expectations, all questions answered when needed for as long as you own your new Telephone System.

Telephone System Installation

You can expect either professional installation services or support for self installers that want to install the phone system them selves. Once your new phone system is installed we provide free programming services for systems with the purchase price of $3000 or more with 60 days of updates to doubly make sure your new Telephone System is programmed and working the way you want it to work.

We program the systems safely and securely using Show My PC where we log on to your Windows PC and log out when we are done. A Windows PC and a Cable or DSL internet connection is required. A satellite internet connection will not work.

Self Installation

We provide support and what are known as EZ install interface cables that make is EZ for the do-it-your selfer to install your own phone system.

Here is how we can make it
EZ to purchase a Phone System

Basically a phone system is a phone system. They all perform the same basic functions and features. We have found the quality of a name brand phone system such as Panasonic, and NEC phone systems are high quality systems. They do not fail. The bottom line is: it is all about the price of the phone system and who you feel comfortable doing business with.


NEC & Panasonic System Installers & Technicians
Needed in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, & Philadelphia, PA.

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Phone Systems Hollywood